ICO will be closed on September 30th 2018 – business and development will continue – VRE tokens will be released within this year.

The ICO (Private Sale) of Vrenelium AG, which has been open since August 1st 2018, will be closed on September 30th 2018. For various reasons, the ICO was not feasible for us within the intended framework. For example, Vrenelium AG has been trying to open a bank account in Switzerland for more than 9 months. [...]

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The Development of the VRE ICO Token is in progress

We know, it has been quite here during the last few weeks. We are currently busy to set up the VRE ICO Token, the according wallets, trying to get listed on exchanges, set up a marketing campaign, attending conferences, holding talks... to make Vrenelium a well known player for next generation Blockchain applications. As mentioned [...]

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Latest article about Vrenelium in “Kreuzlinger Zeitung”

Swiss local newspaper "Kreuzlinger Zeitung" wrote another good article about the Vrenelium ecosystem and our regulatory framework. https://www.kreuzlinger-zeitung.ch/2018/07/27/nicht-schnelles-aber-nachhaltiges-geld/# kreuzlinger_zeitung_vrenelium

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Media Release for White Paper Launch and ICO-Date

Vrenelium Media Release (English) Erlenbach, 1 July 2018 Vrenelium, the first sustainable and ecologically responsible Swiss cryptocurrency, to be launched on 1 August 2018 The digital Swiss currency Vrenelium (VRE) is all set to launch on 1 August 2018. Offering vast scope for day-to-day use, it features innovative security mechanisms and makes sustainable, ecologically responsible [...]

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Vrenelium White Paper is online and ICO will take place from the 1st of August

We are pleased to announce that the Vrenelium white paper is online since today and ready for download. The ICO will take place from the 1st of August with grant of early bird and volume discounts. More information on the discounts and the ICO can be found in the white paper. We have provided you [...]

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Vrenelium is member of the VQF self-regulatory organisation (SRO)

We are happy that Vrenelium is finally member of the VQF self-regulatory organisation (SRO). With help by our legal partner PwC Switzerland we have gone through the complicated application process and therefor a big step forward to our sustainable approach. What is VQF? The VQF is the leading, largest, officially recognised self-regulatory organisation (hereinafter: "SRO") [...]

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Vrenelium White Paper will be released on July 1st

It took us longer than expected caused by the tremendous legal parts and the moving targets in that field. But finally the Vrenelium White Paper is almost ready to get published. It will be available here on July 1st, 2018. In addition we are expanding our core team for sales and PR to be well [...]

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Vrenelium @Blockchain Leadership Summit

Daniel represented Vrenelium at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich. There were many interesting Topics to discuss: - Social and Economic Prospects of Blockchain Technologies - Blockchain-based Project Investment - A Workshop held by Price Waterhouse Cooper about inter alia incorporation, immigration, tax, regulatory clearance approval/licensing with Swiss regulator FINMA, ICO process, and token classifications. [...]

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