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Fast, Easy & Safe Payments

With Vrenelium you can easily make payments of every amount. Thanks to the decentralized and transparent architecture, Vrenelium fulfills all requirements for a safe third generation cryptocurrency. The Vrenelium smart wallets are the safe way to make secure and uncomplicated payments. It doesn’t matter whether you want to pay for your cup of coffee or your new car.

Vrenelium Blockchain with Machine Learning Support

Latest Blockchain technology supported by contexagon’s machine learning platform “Helios” delivers easy, fast and fair transactions for small payments and outstanding security for large transactions. The Vrenelium ecosystem provides managed APIs and is well suited for smart contracting of all types.

Mission Vrenelium

Pre ICO is over.. ICO starting 01. February 2018!

Mission Statement: Vrenelium

Why another cryptocurrency? Why Vrenelium? We are excited in block chain technologies since the public recognition of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. The nearly limitless potential of an open, free, decentralized peer-to-peer protocol was soon quite obvious. So we did a lot of research at contexagon labs to understand, apply and improve the blockchain technology for our specific needs.

What we offer during the ICO I stage is the possibility to be part of a really fast, safe and easy-to-use cryptocurrency developed as a research project by the Swiss company contexagon GmbH, founded back in 2014 in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. contexagon provides solutions around machine learning, big data technologies and location based applications, is creator of Copernicus Pro and Copernicus World and is involved in public research projects.

Currently we are documenting our research findings and the mission of Vrenelium in a whitepaper that will be found here soon. Therefore we have decided to split the ICO in two parts. The Pre-ICO (ICO I) is running prior the release of the whitepaper, ICO II will be started as soon the whitepaper is online.

The amount raised during  ICO I (Pre-ICO) and II will be transparently used for development, infrastructure, marketing and legal consulting. As soon as Vrenelium Blockchain und Helios Smart Mempool are up and running in a decentralized network, the ICO tokens will be converted one by one into Vrenelium.

Recently there are countless cryptocurrencies out there. Many of them want to be the next Bitcoin or Etherium. A few try to sell strange trainings about their currencies and use centralized and/or secret algorithms. Vrenelium is open source, its protocol is free, we won’t try to sell any training or other obscure stuff and do not pursue any shady distribution methods such as snowball, pyramid or any other form. Our goal is to trade Vrenelium exclusively on the regular exchange platforms for cryptocurrencies after the completion of the ICO.

With Bitcoin, for instance, the transaction fee nowadays is so high that smaller payments could not be made economically. One of our mission goals for Vrenelium is  keeping the transaction fee as low as possible for small transaction volumes. This will be achieved with support of contexagon’s machine learning platform “Helios”. Larger amounts have to be secured as good as possible. So Vrenelium is still very attractive for miners all over the world.

We also attach great importance to sustainability. With the electricity currently being spent on the mining of the leading crypto currencies, a complete smaller state could provide all its private and commercial consumers. From our point of view this is an intolerable situation. We have therefore decided to cooperate with international and, where possible, independent research facilities. The computing power and thus the energy that is used for mining should be provided at the same time to non-profit projects such as cancer research (eg Folding@home), climate research, SETI, welfare aid and similar initiatives. Details on the implementation will be released in our whitepaper. Contact to interested non-profit projects is already very welcome. Just contact us.

Vrenelium is a real Swiss cryptocurrency – safe, transparent and decentralized. So we named Vrenelium after the legendary Swiss gold coin – the Vreneli.

Breakdown of Vrenelium Token Sale

Pre-ICO: Price per Token $0.70

ICO: Price per Token $1.30
Mathematical Limit of Vrenelium Coins
Total Amount of Vrenelium ICO I + ICO II Tokens
Total Pre Tokens sold (01 September 2017 – 31 October 2017)
Pre ICO Tokens for contexagon (min. 70% with holding period of 2 years)
Total ICO Token for Sale (01 February 2018 – 15 April 2018)
ICO Tokens for contexagon (min. 70% with holding period of 2 years)

News about Vrenelium

First we want to thank every Pre-ICO token owner very much for your trust joining our Pre-ICO for Vrenelium! Especially in this really early stage you helped us to set the financial basis for our next steps. Thank you! We are happy to announce that this Pre-ICO was quite successful and our project will continue.

Here are our next steps:

– We are quite busy with development, testing, marketing and many other Vrenelium related tasks. So that we are really ready for the best result we are going to start the actual ICO in February 2018 with a duration of 10 weeks.

– As soon as the wallet for Android and iOS is ready and the Vrenelium Block Chain starts working you’ll get your real Vreneliums for your Tokens. We are trying to display the development progress transparently in every stage.

– In the mean time we are hiring additional software engineers, machine learning wizards, security and crypto heroes, marketing pros and will expand our board with another member. More news on that and other topics follow soon.

– We are creating a blog on our website so you can find the latest news and details about the developments there.

We are very happy that you are accompanying us on this exciting journey.

Mission Control

Maurizio Tidei, M.Sc.

Co-Founder, Senior Software Engineer with Specialization in Security and Cryptography

Sascha P. Lorenz, M.Sc.

Co-Founder, Senior Software Engineer with Specialization in Big Data and Machine Learning Technologies 

Daniel M. Affolter, lic.iur

Co-Founder, Attorney-at-law, Legal advisor 

René Gantenbein

Senior Software Engineer with Specialization in Security and Mobile Applications

Dr. Hubertus Fremerey

Mathematical Advisor, Physicist and Chief Philosopher

contexagon GmbH | Bahnhofstr. 31 | CH-8280 Kreuzlingen | Switzerland
Phone: +41 71 670 14 26 | info@vrenelium.com