Vrenelium Blockchain with Machine Learning Support

3rd generation Blockchain technology, including the Vrenelium Smart Mempool for public Blockchains supported by our machine learning platform “Helios” delivers easy, fast and fair transactions to ensure speed and outstanding security for large transactions. The Vrenelium ecosystem provides managed APIs and it’s embedded scripting language “Prokyon” for easy to implement smart contracts.

Blockchain Research and Development

Vrenelium provides R&D-services for Blockchain based project of every size and complexity for a broad variety of domains and industries as:

  • Logistics

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Research Institutes

Blockchain Services and Consulting

Vrenelium provides consultancy for Blockchain based project of every size and complexity:


  • Smart Contract Audit

  • Security Audits

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Integration of Blockchain Applications

  • Analytics and Implementation of Business Cases

  • IT Consultancy with focus on Blockchain, Machine Learning and Security

Mission Vrenelium

Vrenelium at Blockchain Conference, St. Moritz

Mission Statement: Vrenelium

Why another blockchain technology? Why Vrenelium? We are excited in block chain technologies since the public recognition of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. The nearly limitless potential of an open, free, decentralized peer-to-peer protocol was soon quite obvious. So we did a lot of research at contexagon labs to understand, apply and improve the blockchain technology for our specific needs.

What we offer during is the possibility to be part of a fast, safe and easy-to-use blockchain technology and initially developed as a blue friday research project by the Swiss company contexagon GmbH and is now runned and advanced by the Swiss Vrenelium AG.

We also attach great importance to sustainability. With the electricity currently being spent on the mining of the leading blockchains, a complete smaller state could provide all its private and commercial consumers. From our point of view this is an intolerable situation. We have therefore decided to cooperate with international and, where possible, independent research facilities. The computing power and thus the energy that is used for mining should be provided at the same time to non-profit projects such as cer research (eg Folding@home), climate research, SETI, welfare aid and similar initiatives. Details on the implementation will be released in our whitepaper. Contact to interested non-profit projects is already very welcome. Just contact us.

Vrenelium is a real Swiss blockchain technology – safe, transparent and decentralized. So we named Vrenelium after the legendary Swiss gold coin – the Vreneli.

Mission Control

Maurizio Tidei, M.Sc.

Co-Founder, Senior Software Engineer, Security and Cryptography

Sascha P. Lorenz, M.Sc.

Co-Founder, Senior Software Engineer, Big Data and Machine Learning

Daniel M. Affolter, lic.iur

Co-Founder, Attorney-at-law, Legal advisor 

Dr. Hubertus Fremerey

Mathematical Advisor,
Physicist and Philosopher

Edite Do Carmo Piller

Senior Software Engineer, MAS in Business Information Technology

Thomas Grond, MBA

Head of Communications

Vrenelium AG | Glaernischstrasse 11 | 8703 Zuerich | Switzerland
Phone: +41 71 670 05 15 | info@vrenelium.com